Thursday, December 11, 2008

Clearly Love

I have been busy again in the basement. This time I finished the second card for the other WTAx2 winner. (See previous post.) This one is for Juliet Arrighi and she likes sparkly/shiny things. So here is my version of sparkly yet contemporary. I saw the idea of doing a window with acetate in a card magazine I subscribe to and my card just built from there. Hope you like it Juliet.

Caught In The Act

I received these chipboard windows that are the size of an ATC card in an exchange with a lady from Australia. (Don't get too excited because they are only available in Australia right now.) I had traded a card with her before that she had made with one of these windows and it is one of my favorites. I decided to play with them yesterday and this is what I came up with. I did a variation on the previous lit ornament I had made for another swap using an image of Santa at the fireplace. This wonderful card will be going to this months WTAx2 Peace Schuyler from the ATC World list. (WTA means winner takes all.) The way it works is that a bunch of people sign up and 2 winners are chosen. Then all the other people that signed up send these 2 people cards. (Don't worry Juliet I am working on your card next.)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Chief Spotted Feather

I'm still not feeling all that great and I can't seem to get rid of this cough. At least now I can breathe due to the antibiotics but I have 7 more days of that awful tasting stuff. (BLECH!) Anyways I have finished my Art Doll for a Yahoo group I belong to. The theme is "men or masculine". I was still stuck on Thanksgiving so I decided to do an indian from the first feast. I was thinking of doing them for the monthly art doll swap that I host, but he became to involved for me to have time to make 5 more of them. (Sorry to all of you that joined that swap, but I wanted to get them mailed and to get healthy.)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Blonde Bombshells & Beach Babes

I am feeling a little better but I just can't seem to get rid of the cough! (I sound like a barking sea lion) Anyways I had to finish the final 2 Lucky Lady Dip cards because they need to go in the mail today. They are due the 15th and it takes a week or more to get to England. I feel they aren't my best work but what can you do when you aren't feeling well?

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Blog Awards

I have been sick with an upper respiratory bug that is going around so I haven't done any art for a few days. (I just haven't had the energy.) I thought instead though that I would post a few awards that I was sent a few weeks ago. I didn't post them sooner because in order to post the award on your blog you are supposed to forward it to 7 other blogs that you follow and admire. I have to admit that I don't follow anyones blog just because I never thought of doing so. I really like the idea that I inspire others so I have posted the awards with the idea that I will look for some other blogs that I want to follow and I will pass along the awards in the future. (So thank you to Tamera and Lynne for nominating me.) And I promise to pass it on.