Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Bionic Woman

Here is a card that I finished last night which I really like. It is part of a swap called "Lucky Lady Dip". The way it works is that there is a long list of different types of "women". You choose 4 you want to do and make a card out of each one. My 4 choices were "Vintage Beach Babe", "Blonde Bombshell", "Tatooed Lady", and this one which is "Bionic Woman".

I started with some watch parts but it wasn't "digital" looking enough for me so I searched around the house for an old calculator I could rip apart. I cut down the circuit board and cut up the keys and started gluing. The face is printed on a transparency and glued over a piece of frosted plastic. I then backed the face with white paper so the part that hangs off the circuit board would show up better. The rest is some watch parts, a few pieces of metal tape around the edges and some resistors.

I have to go finish the other "ladies" so I'll be back to post them later.


Elena said...

Love this card Val. You've outdone yourself on this one. I too am part of the Lady Luck Dip challenge. Problem is I sent my cards almost 3 weeks ago and they still haven't gotten to Allison!!! Oh well, it is what it is! Your digital card is also breathtaking by the way!

Your humble admirer.... Elena

Lady Di said...

This ATC is incredible ... how you come up with these ideas is amazing. You'll need to make a few extras so you can trade them. Well done.