Thursday, December 11, 2008

Clearly Love

I have been busy again in the basement. This time I finished the second card for the other WTAx2 winner. (See previous post.) This one is for Juliet Arrighi and she likes sparkly/shiny things. So here is my version of sparkly yet contemporary. I saw the idea of doing a window with acetate in a card magazine I subscribe to and my card just built from there. Hope you like it Juliet.


vintage angel said...

I love this card. It's totally professional-looking, yet it still has a homemade quality. It's inspiring to see that handmade cards can be done at such a professional level.

I can tell you have all the right supplies to make your cards look good. I'm still working on finding the right adhesives, etc. so my cards don't look lumpy and funky. I've recently found several double-sided adhesive options that have greatly improved the quality of my cards. So I'm making progress!

Thanks for the inspiration. :-)


Juliet A said...

Why yes, I do love it!

I'm curious - do you buy german scrap, or is it metallic paper that you've punched yourself?