Saturday, December 27, 2008

It's All About Mica

Christmas is finally over. (SHEW!!!) I got a fantastic book called "Transparent Art". It's all about using transparencies in art projects and has some very cool stuff in it that I want to try. (I think I feel a tutorial coming on!) I also got a gift certificate to Barnes & Nobles so I am looking to get a few other books I have been wanting.

I have also been working on the bleach tutorial for the upcoming monthly techniques swap. I hope to have the video edited and posted today or tomorrow. Of course that will be later if I have problems with the video.

I sent out the monthly technique cards for Dec which was using mica. Above is the card that I traded with everyone. I usually just give a card as extra to everyone who participates but there was only 5 people this time so I got to keep one for myself. (YEAH!)

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and got lots of art supplies.

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crafty capers said...

Ooh lovely as usual :-) There is a well deserved blog award for you on my blog if you choose to accept it :-))