Saturday, November 1, 2008

      A Moment of Zen

Yesterday I spent most of the day finishing the rest of the "Little Ghosties" for the art doll swap. This morning I finished the last three and decided to play with a technique that Vonda did when she visited my studio. It is from the Bernie Berlin book "ATC Workshop". You take scraps of paper and glue them down with excess glue which you let ooze out from under. Then you sprinkle embossing powder on which sticks to all the extra glue. (And of course heat emboss the powder.) The effect kind of looks like grout between mosaic tiles. I then tried a new glaze I have from Ranger Industries called "One Step Crackle", It is pretty much what it says. You just squirt on the liquid and let it dry and it crackles on it's own. According the label it sounds like it will spread out on it's own but mine was too thick so I had to brush it out. The face is made of polymer clay and is something I created from a mold I bought from a wonderful on-line source called "The Enchanted Gallery". Kimberly makes all kinds of molds (and rubberstamps) to purchase and I just love her stuff. (The link is listed with all my other favorites further down the blog.)
The roses are made from ribbon and hand-painted with Primary Elements from Luminartes Inc. (Also on the links list.) This is my favorite mica based paint which comes in powder form and then is mixed with acrylic mediums depending on what surface you are going to paint. One medium is for paper, another for fabric and a third for polymer clay.

Anyways this is the card I completed today so ENJOY!