Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Auditioning Embellishments

Well it is very cold here and we already have an inch of snow on the ground. My husband is in Florida so I am in hibernation in the basement all day today. (I had to come up to put my heavy duty slippers on and warm up my feet.) So while I am letting my toes thaw I decided to do another card tutorial. This one shows more of the auditioning process by letting you see the embellishments I tried out but decided against.

Here's a few tips that always help me when I am creating. They may seem simple but if you let your body process things naturally you'll be a much happier artist.

1. Whenever I am doing my ATC's I never glue anything down until I have decided exactly what I am going to do. (I keep a herma fix dotto with repositionable tape in it for auditions.)
2. If I am having trouble finding the right thing then I leave my workshop for a few hours or even over night. Coming back to something later lets my brain work on things subconsciously and often I have remembered an embellishment or idea I have forgotten about. (It also helps your brain forget the art and you come back to see it with "new" eyes.)
3. Another thing I ALWAYS do is this. Once I make a mistake I am done working. No need to up the frustration level any more then it already is. Usually if I make mistakes it is because I am tired or frustrated and I won't make good art anyways so I quit.
4. Keep an art "idea" journal. I have one sitting on my coffee table and one on my bedside table. I can't tell you how many times I am watching a craft program and I want to write down the idea. (Boy I love my DVR's pause button!) I have also woken up in the morning or in the middle of the night with an idea in my head.
5. Clean and organize your craft space on a regular basis. (I clear my desk and put away everything from the most recent project once I am done with it.) This is part of the creative process and it helps you reconnect with forgotten items. Let's be honest... most of us artists are pigs and we need to do this anyways otherwise how would you ever find your desktop again.
6. I try and work on something creative at least every day. I know for some of you that this is impossible but set a similar goal that works for you. (Once or twice a week, once a month etc.) Remember your brain needs to be exercised and so does your creativity. If you find that you just aren't doing any art then go on-line and find inspiration by surfing around. The point is to do something!!!

Well I'm off to the basement to try another altered CD. I'll be up when I am hungry or frozen. Which ever comes first.


Lady Di said...

Your words are inspiring, well written. I absolutely love your tutorials. I've received your rust ATCs all the way in Australia today and they are fantastic. Thanks.

Elena said...

Val, you continue to be my hero! I ordered the rusting paint stuff (how's that for articulate) and really want to the do the tutorial for the cards. You have no idea how helpful the step by step tutorial is. My only remaining frustration (at least for the next 20 minutes)is that despite going to LULU and typing in Vintage I can not find any nice vintage images!