Sunday, November 30, 2008

Playing With Polymer Clay Again

I purchased a new book that I am really fascinated with at the moment. It is on "mosaics" but the difference is that the author makes almost all of her tiles out of polymer clay. (If I see a book that has metallic powders and polymer clay I have to buy it.) I was busy last night making all kinds of tiles using the book as my inspiration. Basically you roll out a sheet of clay, (I chose black) and you then stamp images into it. You take a little metallic powder, (like Pearl-Ex or Perfect Pearls) and dip your finger in it then rub it over the raised areas. Then you simply take a clay blade and cut it apart into different size tiles. I only did the basic tiles of which I just described but the author goes into adding beads, (I did that to the "Golden Green" card) stamping over other stamps, adding frames and pictures, painting the tiles, and adding buttons. I may at some point create an entire piece of art with polymer clay tiles like the ones I made but for now I wanted to use them individually as art on some ATC's. Below is a picture of the book. If you click on it you can see a larger image of the cover and how the author puts her creations together.


Elena said...

Considering the EXAGGERATION of polymer clay I bought... I'm going ot try these! Thanks Val!

Isabella said...

Hi Valerie! I have this book also and have been busy making tiles. I have been adding to my rubber stamp collection like crazy since buying this book. It is great!! I love your work!

Pam T.