Wednesday, October 22, 2008

First day of blogging

Hi Everyone,

Well I finally did it. I now have my own blog. Today I was stuck without a car because I gave it a boo-boo last week. (It was a really stupid one too.) But that is another blog entry. So since I couldn't go anywhere I played in the basement all day. For those of you that don't know, that is where my workshop is and all things crafty are made. Anyways... today I finished an art doll for a list that I belong to.
  (See the photo to the right.) The theme was asian and I decided to do a Samurai Warrior in full battle armor, instead of the usual Geisha. I actually thought I had finished him yesterday but then

realized he had no sword. (What good is a Samurai without a sword?) So now he is done and I don't want to part with him. I'll keep him for a few days and then mail him to my swap buddy. I also worked on a JAM swap. (Still not sure what JAM stands for so don't ask me.) Here's how it works. It is always done with 3 people and the first one does just the background for the cards. (ATC standard size.) They send it to the second person who adds a few things then sends it on to the third person. The third person finishes it and keeps one then mails the others to the first person. The first person then mails the last card to the second person. I know it may sound confusing but we all end up with a card that everyone contributed to. (SHEW!) Anyways... I did a punchart poinsettia (see photo on the right) because the title was Christmas in September. (The background was green and red... go figure.) Don't worry I'll be sure and post the card when I get it back from the third person.


Tammy said...

very nice, Valerie. You'll find blogging addictive, I even have my mom doing it! LOL! I look forward to your entries and have placed you on my favorite list.
Tammy H.

di said...

Love your Samurai Warrior - and congrats on starting a blog.